When My Printable Coupon Didn’t Print

When my printable coupon wouldn’t print a few weeks ago, I was so upset.  Nivea lip care was on sale at Rite Aid and I missed out on a freebie.  So, I sent an e-mail with my mailing address to the coupon printing people and look what I got in the mail today!  Right in time for a freebie at Safeway!  TODAY’S TIP:  If your coupon doesn’t print, send an e-mail and ask for one by mail. 

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  1. msrolley says:


    • Keep using coupons and you’ll save enough for a nice printer. I would recommend you get a wireless HP printer with the coupon applications — you can print coupons directly from Coupon.com from your printer! Find it at Office Depot.

  2. pennypincher3000 says:

    Great Tip! I experienced the same thing with my Rite Aid Video Values coupons. I emailed adperk (email adress is provided on the print screen) and the coupons were restored to my account within 48 hours.

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