$5 for $10 Worth Bags from Baggu

Green is the color of freshly cut grass, money, and freshly cut money. Be green without wasting cash with today’s Groupon: for $5, you get $10 worth of quality, bright, and reusable bags from Baggu.

*Change your  city to Chicago, IL to view deal*


About Penny Pincher
I'm a pet-mom to a sweet and sour Shih Tzu who loves a good deal or better yet...a GREAT freebie! I have always been a couponer however I discovered extreme couponing as a result of a job loss. I was laid off for over 15 months and survived by couponing! I realized that I could purchase quality products for a fraction of what I previously paid. I now tell everyone one who will listen about the hundreds of dollars that can be saved monthly by a little time devoted to researching deals and matching coupons with store sales.

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