Reader Question: How Do You Organize Your Coupons?

Reader, FAITH O., is trying to decide which method she should use in organizing her coupons.

I recently bought a binder, nine-pocket inserts and 6-pocket inserts to organize my coupons, but I’m torn between the binder method and keeping the entire inserts together until I need a coupon.

The best coupon organization system for you is a matter of personal preference. It largely depends on the amount of time you want to spend clipping and organizing your coupons — this will vary depending on the number of coupons you have. Any coupon organizing system take some discipline to maintain. It may take a few different systems to find the one right for you and your lifestyle.

If you know what you buy: Start by only clipping the coupons for items you know your family uses and organize those coupons, by category, in your binder.  File the remaining inserts, by date, for easy access when a special deal comes along.

If you want your whole inserts with you at the store: Consider a portable, plastic accordion folder with dividers (pictured) which has slots for 13-weeks of unclipped inserts. You can use a smaller accordian envelope to store coupons for items you regularly purchase. This way, you never leave home without your entire stash of coupons!

We are testing a new coupon organizing  system: Basic and Deluxe Coupon Wallets – stay posted for an upcoming review.image

Coupon Organization Essentials: The $17 Sunday Insert Filing Systemimage


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I'm a pet-mom to a sweet and sour Shih Tzu who loves a good deal or better yet...a GREAT freebie! I have always been a couponer however I discovered extreme couponing as a result of a job loss. I was laid off for over 15 months and survived by couponing! I realized that I could purchase quality products for a fraction of what I previously paid. I now tell everyone one who will listen about the hundreds of dollars that can be saved monthly by a little time devoted to researching deals and matching coupons with store sales.

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