Meet NADIA B. (Reader Profile & Contest Winner)

Super Lady Luck NADIA from Central Florida is a Ms. Couponista prize winner many times over! Her prizes include CVS/pharmacy GreenBag Tag and $5 Smokey Bones Summer Bucks Coupon!

Nadia began couponing as a way to stretch her budget after losing her job this past April. Since her family is down to one income, she knew she had to find ways to reduce spending.

She buys 6 papers per week to maximize savings and researches deals online. Nadia says she “uses 3 websites on a daily basis (more like a couple times a day including Ms. Couponista! I use my favorite… which I found by chance on Facebook and began following her on her website.”

She does much of her grocery shopping at Publix and has “walked out of the store twice with them paying me to take their products out of the store. That’s a thrill!” Nadia also said “now that I have started couponing, I don’t see my life changing when I do start back to work! I love couponing and saving money!!”


About Penny Pincher
I'm a pet-mom to a sweet and sour Shih Tzu who loves a good deal or better yet...a GREAT freebie! I have always been a couponer however I discovered extreme couponing as a result of a job loss. I was laid off for over 15 months and survived by couponing! I realized that I could purchase quality products for a fraction of what I previously paid. I now tell everyone one who will listen about the hundreds of dollars that can be saved monthly by a little time devoted to researching deals and matching coupons with store sales.

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