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Zadia “Ms. Couponista” Hardy strategically uses coupons to reduce her grocery bill by 60-90% and helps others do the same. Trained in Project Management and Computer Science, Ms. Couponista uses the web to research the best deals on everything from grocery and drug store deals to free samples and entertainment discounts.

Maryland native, Zadia learned her frugal techniques from her family. “As a kid, I clipped coupons with my mom every Sunday. My parents would send me into the store with a list and cash, so I learned the value of a dollar very quickly,” said Zadia.

After facing a job layoff, she had to focus on saving on the necessities. “Unemployment wouldn’t cover all my bills, so I started researching to find sales and matching up coupons to get the best deals. I often get products absolutely free!” Ms. Couponista’s couponing skills have allowed her to collect an impressive stockpile of grocery, household and personal care items. In addition to sharing with her friends and family, she donates items to local food banks and animal shelters.

Zadia’s television and radio appearances include:

She has been featured in The Baltimore Sun and the Maryland Gazette, and served as a guest columnist for Baltimore Examiner Insider Deals.

“I DON’T SPEND MONEY UNLESS I’M SAVING MONEY..and you shouldn’t either.”
Ms. Couponista

Ms. Couponista in the Press

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About Ms. Couponista
Ms. Couponista strategically uses coupons to reduce her grocery bill by 60-90% and helps others do the same. She researches the best deals on everything from cheap eats to travel discounts. Ms. Couponista appeared on TLC's 'Extreme Couponing', 'The Price is Right' game show and several local news and radio programs.

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