Ways to Save: Walgreens

WALGREENS: Rewards Programs

Program Details: Balance Rewards Program

  • Save, Earn, Redeem in store and online!
  • Save on sale items with card
  • Get 500 points for every prescription and immunization
  • Earn points on thousands of items each week
  • Get 10 points for every mile when you Walk with Walgreens
  • Redeem instantly with as few as 5,000 points


Program Details: Register Rewards Program

At Walgreens, rewards are called Register Rewards (RR), you can earn RRs at any Walgreens pharmacy store. Walgreens does not have a card program. Register Rewards offers are typically limited to one per transaction.

  • $$$ for Your Next Trip: Earn Register Rewards (RR) on advertised items in the weekly ads. Your Register Rewards coupons will print separately from your receipt immediately following your qualifying purchase(s).
  • Important Info on Paying with Register Rewards: If you pay for an item with a Register Reward that you earned on the exact same item, you will NOT receive a new Register Reward for the new purchase. Use a different RR if you have it or pay cash if you want another reward. (Example: You earn a $2 RR for Dove Lotion and want to buy another Dove Lotion. If you pay for the 2nd item with the $2 RR from the first transaction, you won’t get another one. Yeah, its a little confusing – but you’ll get the hang of it.)
  • Ms. Couponista Tip: Walgreens limits only one coupon per item. If you have a coupon for every item you are buying and you want to pay the difference with Register Reward coupon(s), pick up filler items (cheap stuff) for each RR you want to use.

WALGREENS: Finding Store Coupons

In-Ad Store Coupons: Look for Walgreens coupons in the weekly circular. Store coupons can be matched with manufacturer’s coupons for maximum savings.

Printable Store Coupons: Walgreens offers printable store coupons. Printable store coupons can be matched with manufacturer’s coupons for maximum savings.

Walgreens Store Coupon Books:Every month, Walgreens releases a new coupon book with several store coupons — which can be matched with manufacturer’s coupons. You can find this coupon book in the store where they keep the weekly circulars.

Coupons by E-mail: Sign-up for an online account with Walgreens, they may send store coupons by e-mail or give you a heads up on a great sale. If you really like Walgreens, consider connecting to them on Facebook and Twitter.

WALGREENS: Sales Cycle

CVS sales run weekly from Sunday – Saturday. The weekly circular can be viewed online.

WALGREENS: Coupon Policy

View the Walgreens coupon policy online.

***This information on this page is provided as reference and is subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply.***


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