What Kind of Couponer Are You?

I posted a few couponer pics on Facebook and Reader Joy F. shared a few pics of her own.  She shared a few recycle bin dumpster dive pics! She made it it out with a pretty good haul. 

How do you coupon? Do you get yours from trading, the newspaper or the recycling center too?

Thanks for sharing Joy!


About Penny Pincher
I'm a pet-mom to a sweet and sour Shih Tzu who loves a good deal or better yet...a GREAT freebie! I have always been a couponer however I discovered extreme couponing as a result of a job loss. I was laid off for over 15 months and survived by couponing! I realized that I could purchase quality products for a fraction of what I previously paid. I now tell everyone one who will listen about the hundreds of dollars that can be saved monthly by a little time devoted to researching deals and matching coupons with store sales.

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  1. Kayleigh Padilla says:

    I trade and buy my newspapers. Here were I live, it is extremely coupon friendly, so everyone (practically) does couponing. That makes it for easy trading, but horrible for stocking up!!!

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