Ms. Couponista’s “Binder Toting Coupon Clipper” Contest


Many of you saw my Extreme Couponing episode how shocked my friends were to learn that stopped using my coupon binder. I know that many of you are dedicated to your binders, so this contest is for all my Binder Toting Coupon Clippers:

Win One of Three:

  • Coupon Binder Insert Sleeves, 10 sheet pack (90 total slots)
  • Coupons from Ms. Couponista’s personal stash

How to Enter: Leave a comment under this post on by Saturday, August 2, 2014 11:59pm EST. Tell me why you love your coupon binder or why you want to start a coupon binder. Winners will be invited to share a reader profile to be featured on

Winner(s) will be selected at random. Winner(s) will be contacted via the registered email account with for their mailing address. Prizes will be mailed to the winner(s) via snail mail. Reader(s) may win one (1) prize per week. Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be forfeited. Facebook comments are not counted as entries.


About Ms. Couponista
Ms. Couponista strategically uses coupons to reduce her grocery bill by 60-90% and helps others do the same. She researches the best deals on everything from cheap eats to travel discounts. Ms. Couponista appeared on TLC's 'Extreme Couponing', 'The Price is Right' game show and several local news and radio programs.

10 Responses to Ms. Couponista’s “Binder Toting Coupon Clipper” Contest

  1. Fatima Florez says:

    I want a coupon binder. I have all my coupons in little plastic bags and I want to organize them for easy access. I love your website and how you can help us find good deals.

  2. Robin Hess says:

    I gave my coupon binder to my daughter when I moved to North Carolina so I am starting over with a new binder.

  3. Danielle says:

    I love my coupon binder because it allows me to keep all of my coupons organized and in one easy to tote place. I can open it flat on top of my cart and am never caught without a coupon when I find a store’s unadvertised deals!

  4. Renee Sellers says:

    I love my binder because it keeps me organized and ready for the next deal. When a fabulous deal comes along like a flash. I grab my binder and out the door I go ready to take advantage of all the great savings the stores have to offer. I would love to win this contest so I can continue to bring home the great saving for my family and friends. Thanks Couponista for this great opportunity.

  5. Candida says:

    I love my coupon binder! I am able to stay organized and visually see if I have coupons for items as I browse ads or in store. I know that if I become lazy and do not cut my coupons and just keep them in my binder I miss out on deals. I am able to save money and do it with ease thanks to not only having my binder but keeping it organized!

  6. Joanne ball says:

    I am totally organized with my binder , It actually a binder my son used when he was in middle school lol refurbished works great use grab it and I’m out the door.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love to cut coupons and save money. I also like to be organized. But I can’t do that cause I don’t have a binder. I throw all my coupons in a box. So I haven’t been able to save. Cause its a pain to go through all the ones I have. So it would be so nice to win . So I can save more. Thank You

  8. Jennifer Strohl says:

    I LOVE my coupon binder because since I started using it I have been able to save close to 50% on my grocery bills!

  9. Andrea Ricks says:

    I would LOVE to win a coupon binder from you. I have no problem clipping coupons. The problem comes afterwards. I have coupons all over the house. I guess I need to be more organized!!

  10. Amanda says:

    I want to start a coupon binder so I can have all my coupons organized and in one place. I want to start saving my family money on everything that I can.
    I love you Ms. Couponista.

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