Host a Silk & NutriBullet® Smoothie Social

Hhouse partyost a Silk® & NutriBullet® Smoothie Social

NutriBullet® Pro and Silk® Almondmilk are teaming up for the Silk & NutriBullet Smoothie Social! This special event teaches you and your friends how to make delicious Silk NutriBlast Smoothies that fit right into your healthy lifestyle. The mildly nutty flavor of Silk Almondmilk – with 50% more calcium than dairy milk, absolutely no cholesterol and no saturated fat – makes an excellent base for creamy, delicious Silk NutriBlast Smoothies. Add it along with other nutritious ingredients to the NutriBullet Pro – which features a 900-watt motor that’s 50% faster and stronger than the original NutriBullet – and you’ve got the recipe for a delicious Silk NutriBlast Smoothie (and a great party)! Gather your friends and show them first-hand how fun healthy living can be with Silk NutriBlast Smoothies made with Silk Almondmilk and the NutriBullet Pro.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Silk Almondmilk coupons
  • NutriBullet Pro 900 Nutrient Extractor
  • NutriBullet SuperFoods
  • Delicious recipes
  • And so much more!

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