Couponing Basics: Know the Lingo

coupon-lingoNew to couponing?  Here are some basic terms you need to know…

$1/2 (or 2/$1): Notation meaning $1 off of 2 items or could refer to a sale price of 2 for $1; any denomination/number of items combination.

Blinkie: A coupon dispenser attached to a store shelf that has a little blinking red light on it, or the coupons dispensed by such a device.

BOGO or B1G1: Buy 1 Get 1. Also comes in other variations, such as BOGO free and BOGO 50%  off, B2G1, etc.

Catalinas: The coupons printed at the register. Catalina is the name of the company that provides these machines.

CCS or Coupon Clipping Services: Fee-based coupons clipping services.

DND or DNT: Do Not Double or Do Not Triple

ea: each

ECB: Extra Care Buck; CVS coupons that print at the bottom of your register receipt

ETS: Excludes Trial Sizes

exp: expires or expiration date

Filler item: A low-priced item used to take up overage when the money taken off by coupons exceed the amount of the purchase.  (Filler items are commonly needed at Walgreens when the  number of coupons exceeds the number of items.)

GC: Gift Card or Gift Certificate

GM: General Mills

IP or IPC: Internet Printable Coupon

Mfr or MQ: Manufacturer or Manufacturer’s coupon

MIR – Mail-in Rebate

MM or MoneyMaker: When the amount of money taken off by coupons (and/or rebates) results in an overage; the discount is greater than the price of the item(s).

ONYO:  On your next order

OOP:  Out-of-pocket, or the amount of money actually spent (after coupons and sales) to make the purchase.

Overage:  The amount of money “made” on a transaction where the money taken off by your coupons is greater than the amount of the items being purchased with coupons.

Peelie: A coupon attached to the front of a product in such a way that you can peel it off and use it on that item.

PG or P&G: Procter and Gamble

Q: Coupon

Roll/Rolling: Using a Catalina, Register Reward, UP or ECB from a previous purchase to make further purchases, thus reducing or even eliminating your out-of-pocket expense.

RP: Red Plum coupon newspaper insert

RR: Register Reward; the Catalinas which print at Walgreens

SCR: Single Check Rebate from Rite Aid’s monthly rebate program

SS: SmartSource coupon newspaper insert

Stack or Stacking: Using more than one coupon on a single item; usually a manufacturer coupon used with a store coupon

Tearpad: A stack of coupons in the form of a pad, usually attached to the store shelf near the location of the item they are to be used on.

UP: Rite Aid reward coupons that print at the bottom of your register receipt

UPC: Universal Product Code, the number below the barcode on a product

Video Values: Rite Aid program which allows you to earn coupons by watching online videos

WYB: when you buy


About Ms. Couponista
Ms. Couponista strategically uses coupons to reduce her grocery bill by 60-90% and helps others do the same. She researches the best deals on everything from cheap eats to travel discounts. Ms. Couponista appeared on TLC's 'Extreme Couponing', 'The Price is Right' game show and several local news and radio programs.

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