Create Budget-Savvy, Swagalicious Candy Buffets!

Candy Buffet
Want to create budget-savvy, swagalicious candy buffets? The team over at shared these tips to walk you through every step.

Candy buffets are all the rage; they’re fun, fabulous, and can be quite the affordable favor!  Lauren Hines, founder of, will show you how she creates a stunning, color-themed candy buffet on a budget.
  1. Get Inspired! To get going, I got my color scheme solidified.  Then, I started my search on Candy Galaxy and Candy Warehouse (two VERY affordable sources for candy of different colors, types and eras) for candies and designs with the color scheme I had in mind.  This helped me to 1) save money and drive + search time, 2) know what shapes and heights of containers I’d hunt for, and 3) get a feel for the layout of design I liked most.  I love Pinterest and have found great inspiration there as well.Candy Buffet #2
  2. Go Treasure Hunting I had fun treasure hunting! I went to my local Goodwill Store and found most of these containers – none of which were more than $3.00!  A couple of these gems came from my home.  After thoroughly cleaning with good ol’ soap and hot H20, I dried and covered to put them away for the sweet stuff later.Note: You can go clear with your containers and create a winning finish, or think outside the box. Perhaps, you’ll find a transparent vase or a fitting design or quote to put around your displayed pieces. Try to incorporate unique, theme-worthy pieces.Candy Buffet #3
  3. Get the Goods & Adornments: The hardest part about buying the candy was not keeping it all for yourself! *smile*  Honestly, it was quite easy finding colors needed from the Dollar Store, Walmart, Candy Galaxy, and Candy Warehouse.  Make sure not to leave any shipped meltable candies in the sun during the hotter months!  Most of these wholesale candy-type distributors conveniently allow you to order ice packs for melt-prohibitive shipping.  Furthermore, such sites also give help to determine how much candy to buy for the amount of guests at your event.
    Candy Buffet #4
  4. You’ll need more than just treats and containers for a swagalicious buffet!
    Consider this your Ultimate Candy Buffet Checklist:

    • Candy and/or other treats (consider candied nuts, covered pretzels, or something favored by the Guest of Honor)
    • Containers
    • Risers (clear or a complementary color) – a needed addition for glam and depth if your containers are not varying heights!
    • Clear scoops or tongs (depending on the size and shape of candy, you may need one or both)
    •  Treat bags and ties
    • Table cloth
    • Adornments (this will vary, but some may include: table runner, adhesive diamond accents, ribbon, printable stickers with monogram,    logo, treat name, or ”Thank You”)
    • Printed monogram (for the Bride & Groom/Guest of Honor) or logo (for an organization)
    • Beverage napkins
    • Frames (for monograms, pictures, quotes, promotion – anything fun and relevant to your affair)
    • Hand sanitizer (If you’re a germaphobe like yours truly, this is a must-have for buffet-goers. You may want to pour sanitizer into a            cool, reusable pump like the one shown here for extra flair).
    •  Scissors
    • Craft Glue
  5. Setup & Finishing Touches – If you have to transport breakable items, make sure to use packing peanuts, paper, or bubbles to avoid breakage.  Keep your meltables cool!  If you are dealing with warm outdoor temps while en route to your destination and packing up the vehicle, keep the goods in the refrigerator as long as possible.  If you have a long drive ahead, keep the meltables in the air-conditioned vehicle or use ice packs.
    We arranged our green chevron-printed table runner on the covered buffet table first.  Next, we set up our $9.99 floral bouquet (from Trader Joe’s) in its ribbon-embellished vase in the rear-center of the table. We positioned the containers, staggering the taller ones in the back.  Then, we poured in the goods (alternating the greens and deep pinks between the containers as much as possible), laid out the other tabletop items, and stuck the clear mini (dollar store) tongs into the candy.
    Lastly, don’t forget to take a step back and look at your design!  Do you need to switch up a couple dishes?  Are the containers full enough?My final tip would be to ensure your reserves are close by!  You will need to keep refilling to keep guests happy and for that continuous presentation appeal.
How to Make Candy Buffet

Swag Tip:  Enhance your “pop” appeal with color blocking, patterns, or another trending style your Guest of Honor will love!

Happy planning!

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