Reader Question: How Do You “Extreme Coupon”?

Couponing newbie JOY FROM BALTIMORE sent me a request for help…

Please help, I have a family of six and definitely need a break.  I am fascinated by extreme couponing and would like for someone to tell exactly how its done.

The term “extreme couponing” is very popular due to the TV show by the same name. I prefer the term “EXTREME SAVINGS” – either way, the objective is to save the most money by using manufacturer’s coupons when an item goes on sale.  This is when you would stock up on that item.


Extreme savings changes the way you shop.  Instead of random trips to the store to “pick up a few things”, you PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE – to buy when the item reaches the best price.  Forget brand loyalty and think price.  The pursuit of extreme savings may also change where you shop.

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Couponing Newbies

How Do You Organize Your Coupons?

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