Have You Ever Taken a “Break” from Couponing?

Coupon Break

Have You Ever Taken a “Break” from Couponing? Why or Why Not?

I recently posted that question to Facebook Friends on MsCouponista.com. Here are some of my favorite answers:

  • Gary-Cheryl Heikkila I have cut back for weeks at a time… only doing free or grocery deals when I need a break.. .easy to get burned out.
  • Pam Robles Absolutely not!! I cannot imagine ever taking a break from saving money!
  • Jo Fela well, what I have done, in the past, is take my box of coupon inserts and hide them in the garage: this way I didn’t have to look at them for a day or two.
  • Brandon-Sally Cox Done! For now that is. Got everything we need plus some. Being courteous to other couponers out there without a mass stockpile like mine! Lol

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Ms. Couponista strategically uses coupons to reduce her grocery bill by 60-90% and helps others do the same. She researches the best deals on everything from cheap eats to travel discounts. Ms. Couponista appeared on TLC's 'Extreme Couponing', 'The Price is Right' game show and several local news and radio programs.

3 Responses to Have You Ever Taken a “Break” from Couponing?

  1. cathy says:

    I have taken a few short breaks, but never more than a week or two! Until now- I have been eating really healthy! Diet changes require buying more produce and in the health food section! You can only find a few coupons for these items!! I fany one can help me with any ideas or special sites or coupons- I would really appreciate it! Thanks

  2. Dannie says:

    I lost my coupon binder a few weeks ago that had my newspaper insert coupons in it (my printables and other misc coupons are in another file folder) and I was really sad so I kind of slowed down, but didn’t completely stop. I have taken a really long break before, from like August of last year to January of this year. Before I was just kind of a casual couponer, but now it’s kinda extreme. No way am I buying something without a coupon ever again lol

  3. betsy says:

    sometimes I get overwhelmed and not getting good coupons or deals so I stop for a bit but then I kick myself for not keeping it up or maybe im just not a good couponer maybe I need a refresher.

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